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Blog post #19 - FRANCO FLAGS (& MONUMENTS)

Blog post #19 - FRANCO FLAGS (& MONUMENTS)

 Franco flag at Montfort hospital - Ottawa east


Notice the blue (hospital sign)
at this ONTARIO hospital which
appears with French first.

I urge -- ALL OF YOU -- to note what is going on in many areas in eastern Ontario (as well as "many areas" of Canada proper).


This section of an April 2008 article is a good example
of what to look for.

Pay special attention to the specific wording in this article which appeals for funding to --- 


 $50,000 sought to raise giant Franco-Ontarian flag in Casselman

– A fundraising campaign to erect a 15- by-30-foot version of the green and white Franco-Ontarian flag at the top of an 80-foot flag pole in the Village of Casselman.

Billed as 

organizers say the $50,000 project is 
"designed to make the flag clearly visible to the 30,000-plus vehicles which drive past Casselman on Highway 417 on a daily basis."


There are presently several of these 15-by-30- foot green and white Franco-Ontarian "symbols"  sitting atop their 80-foot flag poles which are clearly visible to the thousands of drivers who travel east and west on highway 417 through the heart of Ottawa (the capital city of Canada).

A highway, it bears reminding everyone, that used to be called "Kings Highway" or more aptly "the Queensway."

These "giant Franco-Ontarian symbols" are purposely made HUGE so they can be clearly visible by the thousands of people who use that main highway.

"GIANT FRANCO-ONTARIAN SYMBOLS" which are omnipresent along the main highway traveling through the capital city of Canada as well as one of these HUGE Franco flags adorning the entrance to Ottawa's namesake university... The university of Ottawa..

Visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Franco-flag - 417 @ Lees Ave

Franco-flag 417 @ St Laurent 

What kind of "message" DO YOU think is being attempted with this?

Could this be a rather poignant
method to display
French domination within Canada's capital?

The French PTB DO NOT believe that it is even remotely provocative to request / demand to have their Franco-Ontarian flag flown at Ottawa city hall to celebrate Franco-Ontarian day ...

yet, when a man from the Anglo society in New Brunswick wanted to fly one single Anglo flag for JUST ONE DAY at the city hall in New Brunswick (not even the nations capital)... 
He was told, "NO." 
He was told this would be regarded as provocative and he was also met with THIS response from some among the French speaking clan
"It would be an insult"

Funny how it is only "provocative" and is only generally viewed as "an insult" by one side of this equation.

This either stems from a sense of downright arrogance (which is likely) or, just simply a lack of appreciation for -- the shoe on the other foot -- kind of concept.

It is also worth noting that many of the organizations who donate funds for the erection of these HUGE "Franco" flags and monuments are typically organizations that operate in Ontario and depend, to a large degree, on the majority of English speaking customers for their financial gain, yet they specifically and often -- ONLY -- support  French causes and issues like these.

In other words they are using the money they make from the English speaking majority in the communities where they set up shop in order to promote and flaunt mostly French causes in those same communities. 

French ONLY school names

In the bigger picture of all this, it would appear that this is but one example of how "THE FRENCH POWERS THAT BE" are taking over many small Ontario communities, planting their Franco flags to show they have "captured that area" then, turning around and gradually doing away with "bilingualism" while they promote the French language into being
the dominant language in those areas.

French ONLY store names

This "desire" for French to be dominant and or exclusive can also be seen in the attitude of many of the local counsel members 

and also, in some of the local laws being pushed for, and passed as well.

There are even areas in eastern Ontario ---

--- where the FPTB insist on segregated school buses.  

That's right, In order to be sure that their French speaking kids DO NOT MIX with the English speaking kids.
Is this not sheer insanity?
In light of this kind of French dominant bravado and these hostile actions against the English language here in Ontario ---

(not to mention what we have already seen throughout the past several years in the province of Quebec)

--- it would seem that the French PTB are on a crusade to put the French language in a dominant position while diminishing the English language all together.

And thus, you MUST ask yourself...


When we consider these types of French ONLY and French dominant tactics, it would seem that the French PTB are not really interested in “living together in peace and harmony" with the English language present in any form at all in any parts of Canada.

 What we are actually seeing is ...

A push by the French powers that be to have the French language be the dominant language as they "pretend" to seek bilingualism in order to reach their goal without opposition.

If you play poker with people who cheat and do not play by the rules you have no choice but to ...


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