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YES… Believe it.

I know it sounds crazy and right out of the 40's and 50's but... It’s true.


That's right... 

The French PTB in New Brunswick (Canada) do not want their “French” children to ride on the same buses as the “English” children

In an effort to find avenues that could be used to save money mayor Brad Woodside of New Brunswick -- CANADA -- suggested that perhaps the existing segregated bus system would be a good place to start to look for savings.

He casually put in a request that counsel take a look at the enormous cost of this segregated busing.

As a result of just THAT      "SUGGESTION"

The French PTB seem to have gone ballistic.

Liberal Education Minister Serge Rousselle was actually ...

"ANGRY after learning French and English students have been sharing buses." 


The FPTB are  even going so far as to challenge anyone who would suggest that it might be a good idea to take a look at how much money could be saved if they integrate the bus service and put an end to the segregation.

Mr. Rousselle (and others) are also trying to claim that "dual busing" ---

(just gotta love how they try to take the edge off of what it really is by calling it "dual busing") 

--- is required by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

In attempting to back up this claim Mr. Rouselle cited a Supreme Court decision that stated that “school buses are protected under law”

Not so according to NDP member Dominic Cardy, "there was an error in that decision."
According to Mr. Cardy The “supreme court ruling” which Rouselle cites “has absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject at hand" 

Mr. Cardy goes on to say that there was an error made within the ruling ...

"the appeal decision erred (made a mistake) in concluding that buses could be considered educational facilities."

"buses" ARE definitely NOT educational facilities.


Below is a short clip from a debate on this subject.

During this debate PC MLA Madeline Dube also tried to insist that the "two bus system" --- 
(a nicer sounding, more political way she used to try and frame what is actually -- a segregated bus system -- ) 
--- is covered by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Oddly, it was her own comments near the end, about how she was 

"forced to practice more" and how "the element of being exposed"

to her fellow English compatriots 

was what helped her learn to speak better English.

A comment that seemed rather telling and also seemed to completely go against the backwards concept of segregation in every way.



Frankly speaking though, none of this is really "news."

As a matter of fact, 
It's somewhat "OLD NEWS" NOW FOLKS...
Back in the late 70’s, we all watched as the French PTB used anti English laws (like bill 22, 178 and 101) to force Canadian citizens living in the province of Quebec to accept a form of separation / slash / segregation in that ...

--- PROVINCE ---

A province which is now called ...

"le nation" by the FPTB
As they (the FPTB) go around treating the province of Quebec as if it is a separate nation.

 Except, of course, on 
-- send us the transfer payments day --

when they accept the 9.3 billion tax dollars the rest of Canada sends them under the pretense that they are simply one of the "provinces" within Canada.

I believe, on some level, the reason why the RoC did nothing (OK, very little) to stop the FPTB from taking over the province of Quebec was because the RoC collectively decided that they (the FPTB) could have the province of Quebec. 

After all, it really wasn’t worth getting their feathers in a ruffle over.

But now... Segregated buses in New Brunswick along with a Quebec style sign / slash / language law (bill Z22).  

A law which is a mirror image of the  original province of Quebec law (bill 22)

-- they simply added the Z for the N.B. version--
Shesh, their not trying to be sneaky about it are they?

which was used in the early years of the quiet revolution to minimize the English component in the province of Quebec.  

These new sign laws in New Brunswick, not only demand that signs be "bilingual"  Oh no, that's not enough it would seem.

The signs in New Brunswick must also, as this person points out... 

All of that PLUS, what we see going on in Winnipeg Manitoba

And this, in Fort McMurray, Alberta

And this "Frenchification" process, in eastern Ontario

Are Canadians supposed to stand around and watch as the French PTB use the same cookie cutter "Frenchification process" -- template -- for each province?

Are Canadians supposed to say and do nothing as the FPTB slowly but gradually push French dominance across all of Canada just like we all watched them do in the province of Quebec?

How many more provinces are Canadians going to give up to French PTB ?

Are Canadians going to sit and watch as the French PTB slowly gain more and more power, and then use that power to turn more and more areas into French dominant, or French ONLY zones?

Perhaps it's time to be asking these kinds of tough 
-- but VERY necessary -- Questions.


If anyone is interested, this is a great satirical article about these "segregated buses" topic please check out this page.  It's pretty funny... and in some ways, rather poignant.


Thursday, 26 March 2015





Eric sent me this e-mail this morning  ...

On 3/26/2015 6:38 AM, Eric Little wrote:
Economic wealth for who? And who pays? The money comes from somewhere! How does this filter down to Joe, Jane and Abdul looking for work?
A study commissioned by the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​for New Brunswick reported that the province should continue to rely more on bilingualism to improve its financial situation.
The authors of the study entitled "Two languages ​​is good for business: a study on the benefits of bilingualism and economic potential" is the economist Pierre-Marcel Desjardins and specialist David Campbell economic development.
I decided my response would be in the form of this Blog.

A COST BENEFIT study (which incidentally cost 50 thousand dollars) that DOES NOT take into account 

The cost of bilingualism itself. 

A study titled "Two languages ​​is good for business?"
Really ??

The study claims to report that "the province should continue to rely more on bilingualism to improve its financial situation"
Really ??

How can this be so if there is no analysis of the cost of bilingualism itself?

Then, when questioned about how and why this "cost" is absent from the study, the haphazard reply is basically,

I am only here to promote ONE SIDE.


She is actually saying that she is biased.  But, because she says it with a smile, it's supposed to be OK?

Are we really supposed to take this cr@p seriously?


Here is another video on the same topic



"People need to see what bilingualism has done and CAN DO for economic growth."

Really ? 

Without talking about, or even taking into account, one of the most important details...
The "cost of bilingualism"

Yes, people need to see what bilingualism has done and is doing alright.

It is forcing the majority English speaking Canadians to subsidise a program that is slowly, but most certainly, doing away with the very people (the unilingual English speaking majority) that are funding it and going along with it.

"Attracting more international students and immigrants?"

What they conveniently leave out in their cleverly worded "catch phrase" is
that it is attracting more FRENCH international students so they can pad the number with more French so they can then be more aggressive with their
French ONLY mandate once they have sufficient numbers.

Just look at how they treat the English speaking Canadians in the -- majority French --  province of Quebec.

I simply CANNOT BELIEVE this is happening.  

Please, someone wake me up, I MUST be dreaming.

Attracting immigrants.  
From "French" countries with extreme poverty and low education.

Are these the kind of immigrants Canada wants to attract?

I guess so, as long as they are French it's fine with the French.


Please, someone tell me that English speaking Canadians will see through this BS and finally wake up


Keith B.

_____(o o)

Blog Post #14 - JOBS IN ONTARIO

Have you been turned away from a job in Ontario (or, anywhere else in Canada) because you are not bilingual?

If you have, you're not the ALONE.

Many businesses in many parts of Ontario (and other areas throughout Canada now) are feeling the pressure from French groups (and lone French activists) to hire ONLY bilingual workers.


Well, because of people like this who, despite being fully capable of speaking and understanding English perfectly, have made it their life's purpose to harass companies for service in French.

Despite being condemned by many (including some within the French community) these over the top antics stand and send a message to companies and businesses that they risk a confrontation with the likes of the "Thibideau's" showing up at their front counter, or calling in to their business demanding to be served in French and not having someone there to "accommodate" them. 

Therefore, companies learn that it's easier just to simply hire ONLY bilingual staff from the onset.

This "hire bilingual ONLY" out of fear practice is now quite wide spread and basically leaves the majority unilingual English speaking people in Ontario (and slowly more and more areas throughout Canada) with fewer and fewer job prospects in their own majority English speaking province / slash / country.

Providing service -- in French -- to the French was originally something that  was suggested and then offered within the  -- FEDERAL GOVERNMENT -- but then later, with the help of pressure from many of these federally sponsored (and paid for) French groups, an expansion effort was initiated which, in effect, pushes for French accommodation -- IN ALL AREAS --

This ostensibly is to facilitate what the French say they want ---

which is to be able to "live, work and be accommodated in FRENCH ONLY"

--- anywhere they decide they want to live in Canada.

Meanwhile, the federal government is also providing hundreds of jobs as they hand out millions of tax dollars to "French groups" throughout all of Canada to help them with this ---

--- desire to ... Live, work and be accommodated in FRENCH ONLY throughout all of Canada.

Don't you find it interesting (and quite unfair) how these French groups are pushing EVERYONE ELSE (in other words, all English speaking people throughout all of Canada) to be bilingual / French while they themselves are determined to "live, work and be accommodated" in FRENCH ONLY.

Check out (just one example) their web sites and literature.  You will find that, unless they are appealing for funds in one form or another, then everything they present is in FRENCH ONLY.  Rarely will you find a "press here for English " on their web pages.

Is it ONLY the ENGLISH web pages and everything that is English which is supposed to be -- bilingual -- ? Why ?
{click here}

Occasionally you will see a click here for English button but, as you see in this example,

you eventually end up with a mix of French and English on the supposed English sections.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Post # 13 - COMING TO A PROVINCE / SLASH / CITY / country {?} NEAR YOU

Blog Post # 13 - COMING TO A PROVINCE / SLASH / CITY / country{?} NEAR YOU...

all unilingual English speaking Canadians EVENTUALLY...


March 11th saw a French health forum in Toronto.
They discussed wanting to put something on health cards
to show they want French service, now that they get an active offer to speak French, they want to make sure the quality is high, and how they want a new position for assistant deputy minister, preferably French.

That's right...NO MORE JOBS or positions for unilingual English speaking people ANYWHERE in Canada.

Want to be a doctor - must speak French
Want be a nurse - must speak French
Want to be a bus driver - must speak French
Where ?  EVERYWHERE IN CANADA, eventually...

Even a student in Toronto looking for a lucrative part time job at the upcoming Pan AM games.

Better be able to speak French...

Ontario 2011 stats.
ALL "meaningful" JOBS - 

Criteria = bilingual (French)

All this to accommodate 3.9% / 2.2% French ONLY speakers in ONTARIO

We MUST put a stop to this NOW before it gets too entrenched.

Ask Meaghan and her parents about obtaining any meaningful employment


If you think... Nah, it's NOT gonna happen here.  It won't affect me here in Toronto, ONTARIO.

Just remember, that is what the English speaking MAJORITY in eastern Ontario originally said and thought not too long ago ...

and, that's what the ENGLISH SPEAKING MAJORITY in the province of Quebec once said ...


and also what the 70% ENGLISH SPEAKING majority in New Brunswick believed not too long ago as well ...

Just look at the DOMINANT PRESENCE of French in these places now.


Does any of this make you wonder what the French think about bilingualism?

This ought to tell you...


Special thanks to Eric for keeping up on the news that affects (or will affect) all of us.

_____(o o)