Thursday, 26 March 2015

Blog Post #14 - JOBS IN ONTARIO

Have you been turned away from a job in Ontario (or, anywhere else in Canada) because you are not bilingual?

If you have, you're not the ALONE.

Many businesses in many parts of Ontario (and other areas throughout Canada now) are feeling the pressure from French groups (and lone French activists) to hire ONLY bilingual workers.


Well, because of people like this who, despite being fully capable of speaking and understanding English perfectly, have made it their life's purpose to harass companies for service in French.

Despite being condemned by many (including some within the French community) these over the top antics stand and send a message to companies and businesses that they risk a confrontation with the likes of the "Thibideau's" showing up at their front counter, or calling in to their business demanding to be served in French and not having someone there to "accommodate" them. 

Therefore, companies learn that it's easier just to simply hire ONLY bilingual staff from the onset.

This "hire bilingual ONLY" out of fear practice is now quite wide spread and basically leaves the majority unilingual English speaking people in Ontario (and slowly more and more areas throughout Canada) with fewer and fewer job prospects in their own majority English speaking province / slash / country.

Providing service -- in French -- to the French was originally something that  was suggested and then offered within the  -- FEDERAL GOVERNMENT -- but then later, with the help of pressure from many of these federally sponsored (and paid for) French groups, an expansion effort was initiated which, in effect, pushes for French accommodation -- IN ALL AREAS --

This ostensibly is to facilitate what the French say they want ---

which is to be able to "live, work and be accommodated in FRENCH ONLY"

--- anywhere they decide they want to live in Canada.

Meanwhile, the federal government is also providing hundreds of jobs as they hand out millions of tax dollars to "French groups" throughout all of Canada to help them with this ---

--- desire to ... Live, work and be accommodated in FRENCH ONLY throughout all of Canada.

Don't you find it interesting (and quite unfair) how these French groups are pushing EVERYONE ELSE (in other words, all English speaking people throughout all of Canada) to be bilingual / French while they themselves are determined to "live, work and be accommodated" in FRENCH ONLY.

Check out (just one example) their web sites and literature.  You will find that, unless they are appealing for funds in one form or another, then everything they present is in FRENCH ONLY.  Rarely will you find a "press here for English " on their web pages.

Is it ONLY the ENGLISH web pages and everything that is English which is supposed to be -- bilingual -- ? Why ?
{click here}

Occasionally you will see a click here for English button but, as you see in this example,

you eventually end up with a mix of French and English on the supposed English sections.

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