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YES… Believe it.

I know it sounds crazy and right out of the 40's and 50's but... It’s true.


That's right... 

The French PTB in New Brunswick (Canada) do not want their “French” children to ride on the same buses as the “English” children

In an effort to find avenues that could be used to save money mayor Brad Woodside of New Brunswick -- CANADA -- suggested that perhaps the existing segregated bus system would be a good place to start to look for savings.

He casually put in a request that counsel take a look at the enormous cost of this segregated busing.

As a result of just THAT      "SUGGESTION"

The French PTB seem to have gone ballistic.

Liberal Education Minister Serge Rousselle was actually ...

"ANGRY after learning French and English students have been sharing buses." 


The FPTB are  even going so far as to challenge anyone who would suggest that it might be a good idea to take a look at how much money could be saved if they integrate the bus service and put an end to the segregation.

Mr. Rousselle (and others) are also trying to claim that "dual busing" ---

(just gotta love how they try to take the edge off of what it really is by calling it "dual busing") 

--- is required by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

In attempting to back up this claim Mr. Rouselle cited a Supreme Court decision that stated that “school buses are protected under law”

Not so according to NDP member Dominic Cardy, "there was an error in that decision."
According to Mr. Cardy The “supreme court ruling” which Rouselle cites “has absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject at hand" 

Mr. Cardy goes on to say that there was an error made within the ruling ...

"the appeal decision erred (made a mistake) in concluding that buses could be considered educational facilities."

"buses" ARE definitely NOT educational facilities.


Below is a short clip from a debate on this subject.

During this debate PC MLA Madeline Dube also tried to insist that the "two bus system" --- 
(a nicer sounding, more political way she used to try and frame what is actually -- a segregated bus system -- ) 
--- is covered by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Oddly, it was her own comments near the end, about how she was 

"forced to practice more" and how "the element of being exposed"

to her fellow English compatriots 

was what helped her learn to speak better English.

A comment that seemed rather telling and also seemed to completely go against the backwards concept of segregation in every way.



Frankly speaking though, none of this is really "news."

As a matter of fact, 
It's somewhat "OLD NEWS" NOW FOLKS...
Back in the late 70’s, we all watched as the French PTB used anti English laws (like bill 22, 178 and 101) to force Canadian citizens living in the province of Quebec to accept a form of separation / slash / segregation in that ...

--- PROVINCE ---

A province which is now called ...

"le nation" by the FPTB
As they (the FPTB) go around treating the province of Quebec as if it is a separate nation.

 Except, of course, on 
-- send us the transfer payments day --

when they accept the 9.3 billion tax dollars the rest of Canada sends them under the pretense that they are simply one of the "provinces" within Canada.

I believe, on some level, the reason why the RoC did nothing (OK, very little) to stop the FPTB from taking over the province of Quebec was because the RoC collectively decided that they (the FPTB) could have the province of Quebec. 

After all, it really wasn’t worth getting their feathers in a ruffle over.

But now... Segregated buses in New Brunswick along with a Quebec style sign / slash / language law (bill Z22).  

A law which is a mirror image of the  original province of Quebec law (bill 22)

-- they simply added the Z for the N.B. version--
Shesh, their not trying to be sneaky about it are they?

which was used in the early years of the quiet revolution to minimize the English component in the province of Quebec.  

These new sign laws in New Brunswick, not only demand that signs be "bilingual"  Oh no, that's not enough it would seem.

The signs in New Brunswick must also, as this person points out... 

All of that PLUS, what we see going on in Winnipeg Manitoba

And this, in Fort McMurray, Alberta

And this "Frenchification" process, in eastern Ontario

Are Canadians supposed to stand around and watch as the French PTB use the same cookie cutter "Frenchification process" -- template -- for each province?

Are Canadians supposed to say and do nothing as the FPTB slowly but gradually push French dominance across all of Canada just like we all watched them do in the province of Quebec?

How many more provinces are Canadians going to give up to French PTB ?

Are Canadians going to sit and watch as the French PTB slowly gain more and more power, and then use that power to turn more and more areas into French dominant, or French ONLY zones?

Perhaps it's time to be asking these kinds of tough 
-- but VERY necessary -- Questions.


If anyone is interested, this is a great satirical article about these "segregated buses" topic please check out this page.  It's pretty funny... and in some ways, rather poignant.


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