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Blog Post #11 - DID YOU KNOW? - FIP PROGRAM -

Federal Identity Policy / Program.

{ FIP }

Yes, that's right the... 

Federal Identity Program

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Federal Identity Program (FIP) is the Canadian government's corporate identity program. The purpose of the FIP is to clearly identify each program and service of the government or the government of Canada in general. Managed by the Treasury Board Secretariat, this program, and the government's communication policy, help to shape the public image of the government. In general, logos – or, in the parlance of the policy, visual identifiers – used by government departments other than those specified in the FIP must be approved by the Treasury Board.
In 1969, the Official Languages Act was established to ensure the equality of English and French in all federal jurisdictions. That same year, a task force found that the Canadian government was conveying a confused image to the populace through a hodge-podge of symbology and typefaces (fonts). In 1970, the FIP was created to standardize a corporate identity for the Canadian government.
A little known detail buried within this FIP program, which is not spelled out or mentioned in this Wiki article, is the rather convenient ---
(convenient, that is, to the tiny minority FPTB as being the ONLY clan who could benefit from such a "detail")
---  fact which states that any  Canadian "FEDERAL" government   department or office which happens to have -- it's main office --
located in the province of Quebec can then go that extra step and not only (as the Wiki article points out) 

"ensure the equality of English and French" (which has a modicum of 

reasonableness attached to it) but then can also, -- display the identity
of that federal government office -- in French first, with French as the dominant language (which, all things considered, has ZERO sense of reasonableness attached to it) 


Now, let's stop here and take a moment to really think about this blatant oxymoron, shall we? 

We have Canadian federal government offices located within a province where, as you see in this clip ---

  --- Replace the Rocky Mountains with the Chateau Frontenac -- I guess
  --- Replace the CN Tower with the Bio dome -- I suppose
  --- BUT... Replace the Canadian flag with a snowflake?   REALLY?

What's wrong with the "national" symbol of the very country which the province of Quebec resides within?
Oh right, they "consider themselves" a separate nation and NOT a province...

OK then, why are Canadians sending them BILLIONS in "provincial" transfer payments each and every year as if they are

--- the FPTB (80% rule) generally DO NOT want anything to do with Canada, or for that matter, anything Canadian.

A province, and by direct association, a people, that seem perfectly OK with what amounts to taking advantage of the ROC by having federal Canadian government offices supplying the population of "la nation" of Quebec with thousands of highly sought after, good paying, very secure "CANADIAN" FEDERAL government jobs.
With the extra added LEGAL RIGHT and benefit of operating these Canadian FEDERAL government offices in French first with the minority French language having dominance?...

Just based on pure common etiquette, and a sense of respect for the majority, shouldn't FEDERAL government offices at this level be more representative of the countries majority population base?

That base being a majority of over 80% English speaking Canadians.

After all, even some -- loud yet incorrect and misguided voices -- within the "provincial" sphere are quick to point out the reality that...
                                 There indeed...

"has to be a common language in a country""HAS TO BE A COMMON LANGUAGE IN A COUNTRY."
{which of course, should apply to "actual countries" and not "provinces" which reside inside countries} 


In a more "real sense" shouldn't the majority English speaking Canadians not deserve (and expect) the respect of having their federal institutions display the majority language (English) in the more respectful dominant position, as is incorrectly suggested for "a province" by the person in this clip? 

Seriously, if this "rule" was not conceived of, and implemented within the premise of being a deceptive way to allow the FPTB to use the minority French language in a dominant way within the majority English country of Canada, then how else to explain such an odd rule which gives so much power to the minority language in ANY COUNTRY?

That's right.  Any federal Canadian government office which has it's - main office, or head office - located in the province of Quebec can have its letter head, notepaper, complimentary slips, calling cards and web sites, virtually all correspondence which is generated by that office, with French in the dominant position.

This -- French first -- correspondence, by the way, then becomes the public (WORLD FACE) of 


With examples like this
it is no wonder that people all over the world, quite reasonably but also quite incorrectly, come away with the misinterpreted view that Canada is a French dominant country.

These kinds of odd rules send the WRONG MESSAGE about what Canada is all about.

And, as much as it can be considered important to convey the message that the French language is respected in this country, it must also be considered important to maintain a healthy respect for Canadian historical British roots which are inextricably connected to its majority English speaking population.

What's further somewhat disturbing is the list of offices of strategic and political value which do fall under this criteria and actually -- DO -- operate with French in the dominant position

Employment and Social Development
140 Promenade du Portage
Gatineau, Quebec

Public Works and Government Services
Place du Portage, Phase III
11 Laurier Street, Room 18A1
Gatineau, Quebec

165 Hôtel de Ville Street
Gatineau, Quebec

Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency

Les Terrasses de la Chaudière
10 Wellington Street, 28th Floor
Gatineau, Quebec

Les Terrasses de la Chaudière
10 Wellington Street, 28th Floor
Gatineau, Quebec

Canadian Heritage
15 Eddy Street
Gatineau, Quebec

These, along with (after moving this office from Ontario to the province of Quebec at a cost to the Canadian tax payers of approx. 30 million dollars) the recently added

Federal Office of Official Languages

which is headed up by our old friend, Graham Fraser, are a few of the noted ones.


Just gotta love a system that has allowed such enormous power to be focused in the hands of such a small group of {French loyal and French centric} aristocrats.

So much so in fact that, ONE MAN back in the mid 60's was able to use this enormous power in order to set a plan in motion which would eventually see to it that "his" MINORITY clan would eventually yield more power and control over the country than the 80% majority. {CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT -- THE PLAN --}

Time for a re-boot perhaps? 

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