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 Hello everyone,

I have decided to have a go at using this blog spot as a place to share the latest information and updates regarding the Frenchification of Canada.
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I chose this first post / slash / "blog" entry in order to highlight a few

The first MUST SEE ITEM is ...
This book entitled:
Bilingual Today, French Tomorrow 
Written by J.V. Andrew -- Lieutenant Commander R.C.N 
that's "ROYAL CANADIAN" Navy (Retired)
{CLICK HERE} to read it with permission of the author}

Mr. Andrew saw the writing on the wall back in the late 1970's.

He realized that it was not about cooperation and teamwork in order so that the two languages could co-exist side by side.

He realized it was something other than that.  It was actually all about supplanting one language for the other in the halls of power.
A form of take over without the necessity for an attempt of actual military conquest. 


This former card carrying separatist
actually stood up in the house of commons (an institution which is styled after the British Parliament)
and bullied this other MP because he chose to speak English (the majority common language of his country) instead of replying to her questions in French.

I am still astonished to note that the main stream Canadian media
did not cover this story in depth and force this "person" (I'm being kind) to retract what she said.

Wasn't it the French that were demanding that members of the parliament should have a choice which language they use to begin with?

It appears that the French powers that be { FPTB } have been emboldened enough now into believing that they can DEMAND THAT EVERYONE MUST SPEAK FRENCH.
Time for a re-boot perhaps?

"Enough is enough?", she quips
Then goes on to say...
"He should either speak French, or they should find someone else to do it?"

Find someone else?  As in -- replace this English minister with a French one?
 **  What a total load of BS ...
The premise ---

What began with a reasonable sounding request to provide bilingual service to our fellow French Canadians (Bilingual today) with French services within the Parliament and the supreme court would lead to a gradual transition of power (what some might call a coup) which would ultimately put the French language in the dominant position as the main operating language (French Tomorrow) of Canada.

Thus, he wrote Bilingual Today, French Tomorrow
within the hope that he could warn Canadians as to what would happen if Pierre Elliott Trudeau was allowed to use the enormous power afforded him by the Canadian system at that time to forge ahead with HIS PLAN.

A PLAN which was, in essence, a way to put all the pieces in place which would incrementally and indeed eventually allow the French powers that be { FPTB } the ability to take over the province of Quebec and make it ...
-- A French dominant / slash / French only enclave --  
Part one of the plan accomplished...  
Quebec is clearly French dominant right now

while at the same time...
Mr Trudeau used his uncanny ability to assess peoples strengths and weaknesses in order to make full use of the fact that ---
English speaking Canadians are kind and are usually quite willing to "accommodate"
--- to his advantage.

An ability that would end up working against the majority 80% + non French speaking Canadians throughout Canada while, at the same time working extremely well for the minority French speaking Canadians (or, his clan) during the adaptation process of the blueprint that would see to it that French would indeed become ...

-- The dominant language with knowledge of French an absolute must -- 

criteria for any form of advancement in just about every aspect of Canadian life in practically all corners of the Canadian landscape.

The state which ---
for all intents and purposes, without some form of intervention
--- Canada is approaching right now.

Part two of the plan is in the works.

Really? Canada is approaching a state where by knowledge of French takes precedence over education, experience and fundamental knowledge as the absolute "win ticket" in all corners of the Canadian landscape?

It's true!

For example...
Did you know... ?
Unilingual English speaking Canadian citizens are the 80% + majority in this country yet they ...  

CANNOT: consider running for the position of   -- Prime Minister of their own country
CANNOT: consider running for the position of   -- The leader of the official opposition of Canada

CANNOT: consider positions such as                 -- Officers of Parliament (newly added)
CANNOT: Obtain most ranks above                   -- Major within the Canadian military

Nor can most of the majority unilingual English speaking Canadians obtain most managerial or supervisory positions (or jobs) within the Federal government or, most positions (or jobs) within  the Ontario provincial government as well.

This is not to mention, supreme court judges, police and much of the legal system as well.

This "knowledge of French eligibility" criteria is quite entrenched in New Brunswick and is now beginning to show itself in the private sector in many parts of Ontario as well.

Now, some of you -- as a result of location or job type -- may think;
Ah, that's a load of BS.  None of this is affecting me.

And yes, you "are right" -- for now --

But, left unchecked, the practice of putting only people with a French background into all the positions of power mentioned above (and others) can only lead to a situation where by all power in general is eventually focused and held by only one group.

And it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that once the circumstances are such that this -- one group -- has obtained all relative positions of power it will no doubt not be too long before they forge ahead in determining their own personal criteria and rules for who is eligible for any FUTURE positions of power.

Then, ultimately (this is beginning to happen now) you will see that
ALL bus drivers, all air plane pilots, all nurses, all doctors, all servers, all call center personnel etc etc will require French as an employment criteria.

 In other words (as you see in this video) even in places out west ( like Alberta) are beginning to see French gradually becoming a defining criteria for everything.

Till eventually, everyone --
will have to know French in order to "meet the criteria" and be able to do business with the government or be employable in Canada.

Where does that leave the 80% + unilingual English speaking Canadians?

It leaves them with either
being forced to learn French in order to get by, or ---

as in the case of a few affected areas that have succumbed to -- THE PLAN -- already

it leaves them, as you see here, -- with zero employment options 
 So, what do they do?  They move away.  Just like English speaking Canadians did when the FPTB took over the province of Quebec.  

Most English speaking people simply up and moved away to more "English parts of Canada."

But, what happens when more areas fall prey to the ever growing power base that determines French to be the "eligible criteria" in those areas?

Move again?

English speaking Canadians will either run out of places to "move to" or, hopefully before then, realize that they need to stand up for their own language and culture in this country.


NOTE: For those who read this and try to say, "no one is being forced to learn French."

I would firstly just flat out say, given the circumstances and reality of what has just been presented, that statement -- is simply just stupid --

But since the need to "make things clear to certain folks" is ever present, I use the following example to drive the point home.

A man / woman (hey, for greatest effect, imagine it's YOU) standing 50 floors above the pavement in an open window frame staring down at the hard pavement so far away.  An intense fire burns everything to a crisp right behind him / her, only inches away from his / her back.  It is totally beyond reason to think that there is a choice here but ...

In effect, they must either jump to their imminent death or stand and wait to be agonizingly burned to death by the fire,

Can you imagine the person standing there allowing themselves to slowly burn to death in agonizing pain?  Of course not, and if you did answer yes then, never mind, just go away. You are obviously not taking this seriously and thus you are not worth my time.

So, i am sure we can all intelligently agree that jumping is the only option but, is it really "a choice?"

Please understand... French is a wonderful  language.  There are many inspiring reasons why people should want to learn French as a second language.   

For those who wish to live, work and be served in French only, the province of Quebec has already been taken over and is right there just waiting for you.

The key at this point is, people outside the province of Quebec
should not -- be forced -- to have to learn French just to get by in their own country.

Especially when one considers that Canada is a country with over 80% + English speaking citizens who's ancestors fought for the right to be able to function and get along just fine -- IN ENGLISH --


The second must see item ...
This video highlights many inequities, discrepancies and downright nasty little devious tricks the FPTB use to give the appearance that they have a higher status in Canada.
-- need to be made aware of --

many of the things which are highlighted in this video


The third must see item...
This video shows a mock conversation between Rene Levesque and Pierre Elliott Trudeau which highlights Trudeau's brilliant yet deviousness  PLAN.   A plan that makes use of his unparalleled political power to put together a "sweetheart deal" which included billions of tax dollars in funding, a newly minted constitution which gives the FPTB the ability to declare the province of Quebec "French only" while making use of "a not withstanding clause" (inserted in the constitution by Trudeau as well) to not have to offer the same protections to the English minority within the province of Quebec that the French demand as the minority outside the province of Quebec.

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  1. Good job, now connect it to Facebook, and many, many people all across the country. Inform the brain dead masses...people have to made aware of what these french only language Nazis bigots are up to.

    These people are the most racist, bigoted, corrupt, xenophobic people in all of North America. If the world only knew what was going on in Canada, what the “French” (metis) were really up to…along with the racist anti-English language laws in Quebec a la bills 22, 178, 101…they have bragged about taking all of Canada and everything seems to be going as planned…”first Quebec, then the rest of the country…one step at a time…” PET, “how to take over a country through bilingualism…” SD

    Quebec has been robbing Canada blind for decades now. Ever since Trudeau and his gang of anti – English language, anti – BNA “French - metis” bigots from Quebec arrived in Ottawa in the 1960’s, they have been funnelling billions upon billions in grants, subsidies, equalization payments… into Quebec every year = more and more debt…an absolute disgrace. And how do they say thanks in french? Well try decades of anti-English language laws like bills 22, 178, 101…nice eh?

    Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763. Not this phony, revisionist lie, this bilingual, multicultural, 2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, propaganda, spin that we’ve been living with since Trudeau, and kebec forced this upon the nation. We’ve been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially an English speaking country for over 200 years…just a fact.

    It’s not just going on in Kebec. Its happening all over the country.

    Wake up!!!