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Blog Post #5 -- DRIPPING IRONY

Blog Post #5 -- DRIPPING IRONY

I cannot help but notice the constant dripping irony that, more often than not, spews from those who end up speaking on behalf of the French community.

It is totally beyond me how these folks not only seem to believe what they are saying -- is totally reasonable -- but I also marvel at what seems to be their extreme inability to understand the reality, which seems to get lost in the pure unadulterated irony nestled within their own ideological yet backwards presentation.

The oh so familiar, but now slightly distant (yet somehow still relevant in the French media), voice of the separatist movement within the province of Quebec, Louise Beaudoin 

In the clip below, we see Mme Beaudoin showing off her "orator skills"  in rather dramatic fashion for the highly regarded television show called 60 minutes.

The premise of this particular episode was to ever so gently (wouldn't want to rock the boat :-) focus a lens on how ridiculous it is that there even could be such a thing as a government office called ...

-- The Quebec Office of the French Language --

(A little George Orwellian sounding don't_cha_think?) 

within the borders of a modern democratic country like Canada in the 21st century to begin with.

These folks are so touchy about such things that I wouldn't be surprised if they read this and were annoyed because I didn't refer to it using the French title.  Something most of the "well trained" English reporters and news personnel ---

(playfully referred to as "good little anglophones" in this cute video by: Bowser & Blue) 
Click on the pic to check it out
                                                                                     Or, CLICK HERE: FOR A PARODY VERSION.

--- who operate out of that province have learned to do over the years so they don't ruffle any "easily ruffled" feathers.

 The civil servants, who do the foot work for "The Quebec Office of the French Language", are often referred to by much of the general public -- including many French folks themselves -- as "the language police."

As was previously noted, but worthy of repeating, the idea that such an office could actually exist in a modern day country / slash / era is actually nothing less than repulsive.

Now, I am sure most of you would agree that there is already enough dripping irony in the words above to drive the point home without even having to show Mme. Beaudoin's comments in the clip but, as you will see, it's well worth having a look at none the less.  She actually, in her own "over dramatised" fashion, manages to add an extra layer of her own brand of, what many folks might refer to as, "ironic insanity."

"There has to be a common language in a country"

Really ? "A common language -- IN A COUNTRY? --"  A country eh? 

Would that "country" you are referring to happen to be 
--- the "province" of Quebec ? ---

Yup, without one ounce of even the slightest trepidation, while being interviewed on a nationally syndicated television show, she boldly refers to -- the province -- of Quebec as a country.

She then actually doubles down on the fallacy that Quebec is an "actual country" by adding the quantifying statement "when you're 82% of the population..."

Hellooooo?  Louise...?  Louise? Hellooo.  Wake up my dear.  You must be dreaming.  Helloooo? Louise.  Yes you.  Louise B. Wake up. You are dreaming in Technicolor.  Time to wake up and smell REALITY.

Oh wait, I get it now.  The 82% you were imagining as being the "majority population of -- the country -- " is indeed the English majority "in the country of Canada."  OK, now it makes sense.

So in that case, yes... we all agree.

There "HAS TO BE A COMMON LANGUAGE in a country." 

And so, in the country of


That language would be 

The English language

Wait, what's that Lou Lou?  You don't agree?  Canada doesn't need "a common language?" Canada must have two official languages you say?  Huh? What? What are you trying to say? What about your stern statement about how ...
"there has to be a common language in a country?"
What about that?  Oh, it only applies to where -- YOU WANT -- and for the reasons that -- YOU WANT IT TO APPLY -- Oh, I get it now.

Remarkably, Mme Beaudoin goes on, in that oh so drama laden way of hers, to

-- "try" --  to convince everyone that, -- IN HER WORDS --
          "we believe in diversity."

What ?? You, who just insisted that since you're 82% of the population "there MUST BE ONE common language", in your so called "country", which MUST BE French ONLY -- are  now spouting that you "believe in diversity?"

Yikes... I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
More irony and DOUBLESPEAK it seems.

Well, sorry Lou Lou but, that doesn't work too well for the rest of us here in the RoC (rest of Canada)
That's right.  I hate to break the news to you but, the "province" of Quebec is JUST "a province."  Yup, one of the 10 "provinces" INSIDE the ACTUAL country of Canada.

Think of it more in terms of how this fella puts it...

"We're not separated yet.
When we get separated he can do what he wants, but right now, we're not separated yet!"

Hey, how about this Lou?  You take your clan and separate.  Help us make it "official." 
Then your "country" can have its own common language -- French.

After that, the RoC can be left in peace with its own "common language" -- English.
There.  Problem solved...

There are other examples of this type of irony out there also.
Like this wonderful irony laden example:  You could even call it doublespeak since it's so messed up.

"Welcome to the website which -- encourages freedom of opinion and freedom of expression?" -- OMG!!  Can you believe this?

They even throw in the words "cultural diversity" for effect.

Really? Freedom of expression and freedom of opinion?
For one side of the equation perhaps but... Really ?  

These are the same folks
-- Imparatif Francais -- who have (or at least had) a section on their website (ah hem, a French ONLY web site btw) which encourages the average every day Montreal city dwellers to take pictures of so called, "offending stores and businesses" who ... Duh duh duh duhhhh... are you ready for this?  
Attempt to use their so called "Freedom of expression", to show the English language by itself or, the English language displayed with the same size font as the French language on their outdoor signs.  Is it just me or is this kind of over the top dripping irony just TOO MUCH ?

OMG!!! Runnn...  Runnnn... Run for the hills. Ahhhhh There's English on that sign.
How much more ridiculously petty can this get?

Look at that -- {pointing to the English words on the sign} -- that's an insult for us.

One of the head dudes associated with that Imparatif Francais site, a Mr. Jean-Paul Perrault (far left)
is quoted in this clip

as saying that, public services -- including health care -- should no longer be made available to the English speaking people in the province of Quebec, {Canada}.  Yikes...  

I wouldn't be too surprised to see this fella first in line demanding bilingual service in the rest of Canada, using  either of these two supposed "justifying phrases."

-- Canada is a bilingual country --

The other common "justifying phrase" often used now a days by the FPTB as they push for ever more accommodation is...

-- Canada is a country with two official languages -- 

Which, may very well be something that was indeed "pushed on Canada" but, if Canada is ... as they claim, a country with two official languages, then where is the respect for the "other official language, {English}" in the province of Quebec?
How can he, a citizen of the country of Canada, be calling for the the English language to NOT be made available in the public services in the "province" of Quebec, Canada?

There is something dreadfully wrong going on here. The irony is so thick and beyond messed up, it has to be LABELLED AS


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