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Hello everyone,

I received an e-mail this morning from a concerned Canadian by the name of Barry.  

Barry (like MANY OF US) is concerned about how much power and control is going to the powers that be { PTB } in the province Quebec and to the French powers that be { FPTB } within Canada in general.
He (like many of us) is concerned that, despite the FACT that Canada is made up of approximately 80% + English speaking Canadians, the power and control of this country is gradually being handed to the tiny minority of Canadians known as the  { FPTB }.

The kicker is... Barry is right.  
Not only is he right but this "control" has an exponential element to it which is growing each and every day.

That's right.  More and more members of this clan ---

(as a result of the inequitable official bilingualism criteria which was set up by one of their own, a fella you may know by the name of Pierre Elliott Trudeau)

--- are qualifying for more and more influential positions within our government and other areas of power in this country.  

This is then followed by those who are already in those ranking positions of power turning around and seeing to it that others from their own clan are being put into various other positions of power down through the ranks.

A self perpetuating POWER AND CONTROL GRAB.

The following is Barry's great e-mail which includes his great suggestion for a solution, and then my response to it.


Hey friends,
Representation through taxation - therein lies the answer. Contact the Canadian Constitutional Federation and check into 3rd party representation... We can't just hold back our taxes but we can have a constitutional level lawyer hold them until we negotiate with government over a satisfactory agreement on the terms of this constitutional revision. No representation - no taxation. Why does Quebec have most all of the federal departments cantered there? When did this all begin? Who agreed with it? Who benefits from it? 58% of all Federal Transfer Payments!! For decades now!!

And then consider how this have-not province (PQ) is leading the pan-Canadian roadmap, AKA the economic development plan as announced in the 41st Session of Parliament, first sitting. The condition of French Primacy leads the charge and makes their billions in contributions contingent on this sole purpose. How do they have the money to invest? How is dairy subsidized in PQ and now NB has the longest standing businesses, Northumberland Dairy, bought out by Quebec? Lies, unethical misappropriation of funds and a hidden agenda that uses federalism and misplaced trust to lead the propagation of Official Language Apartheid to drain us and build them!

Quebec wanted a referendum and got it in 95 because a group called APEC (Alliance for the Protection of English in Canada) proposed declaring towns in Ontario English ONLY. Now New Brunswick is littered with French ONLY towns (Dieppe, Atholville, etc.) and, as is the case in Ontario, we are also saddled with Bill Z22 Sign Laws that violate the Freedom of Expression through this use of Chartered Rights that supersede Constitutional Rights. This rouse of promoting bilingualism is suddenly threadbare as we hear Harper's Office and all federal policy proclaim they are promoting the French identity here and abroad despite growing concerns supported by facts and thousands of protests across the country. I'll leave you with a few quotes that show the true human rights view - note the dates and the key players in relation to our so called Constitution.

"The French language is mandated for use by government and its agencies throughout the country's capital in an effort to promote the French language, therefore there is no longer a career for Anglophones in the federal civil service in Canada" Dr. Marguerite Ritchie, President of the Human Rights Institute of Canada, admitting during a panel discussion in 1995.

"I cannot swear it but I think we were thinking to ourselves,... we are a small group, Trudeau, Pelletier, Marchand, Lalonde, Chrétien, myself and a few people in the civil service, say 50 all told…we were bringing off a revolution. We held the key posts. We were making the civil service bilingual (French), kicking and screaming all the time". Jean-Luc Pepin, Minister of Industry, 1970.

"Unilingual Anglophones will be sentenced to a lifetime of job immobility" - Pierre Trudeau.

" ....Given these facts, should French-speaking people concentrate their
efforts on Quebec. or take the whole of Canada as their base? In my
opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they could find no
better instrument than federalism", Pierre Trudeau, Page 31 "Federalism"
Yours in Unity,

My reply --

It would seem to me that Barry may indeed have the SOLUTION. 

What is needed?
Someone who can organize this concept.

A SMART and trustworthy constitutional lawyer to set up an account where Canadians who are not being represented fairly can divert their tax funds.

All funds are then directed to this account in such a way that everything is well documented and secure.

Arrangements made so that any interest accumulated can be set aside for either a charitable donation or a fund to pay for the legal representation etc etc.

Then, once the government comes knocking, or once they respond to the formal letter advising them that this money is being held this way in this fund until we get representation, the lawyers attained will begin the negotiation process.

At that juncture it's simply a matter of addressing the points that Barry outlined in his e-mail and allowing the lawyers to do what layers do in order to redress this situation and bring it to a more equitable state.

This unjust, inequity CANNOT go on any longer.

The idea of contacting our government with our concerns only to receive standard form letters saying,
"thank you for contacting us, please be advised that ... " blah blah blah is, simply put, -- a lame tactic -- which is getting us nowhere and accomplishing nothing except for solidifying the idea that we are indeed being "politely ignored."

It would seem that there are only two possible ways to change this, and potentially be heard.

1) Barry's suggestion (which is a good one)

and or

2) thousands of us marching on Parliament hill on a regular basis
until something is done.

We are after all, STILL THE MAJORITY

Perhaps even both these methods will be needed, who knows.

All I know is that because of how Trudeau set things up, the people in the west believe the people here in Ontario are "IN ON IT" yet WE'RE NOT.

It is also pretty clear that the people here in Ontario are being controlled by the FPTB just like everyone else. 

And thus, we are -- ALL -- being taken advantage of and being ignored.

In line with what Barry was saying,
CHECK OUT this video
It speaks to one of the inequities of this situation.

How is it that the tiny 17.5% FPTB and Quebec control the dairy market in this country.

How can things like this be deemed fair and be allowed to continue unchallenged?

While discussing this with my wife last night, it occurred to us that we had both heard of examples in the news where the FPTB in the province of Quebec, (acting as a legitimate country) are wooing large computer game makers (and other large companies) to set up shop in their province with incentives and tax savings worth millions (maybe even billions) of dollars.

This, from a province that is so in debt that their level of debt is compared {see video} to other actual -- real countries --

Meanwhile they are simply a province which uses our own Canadian "majority English" tax payers money to compete directly against us (Canada the country) and other countries for the the benefits of having these companies set up shop and bring in jobs, stature and future tax revenue to -- their province--

Then of course, there are -- THE EMBASSIES --

ALL Canadians should be aware of the FACT that the FPTB, in the province of Quebec, have 26 embassies 


Yes, that's right... 26 embassies

scattered around the world which Canadian tax payers are paying for.

What does a "province" need with embassies that are normally entities which legitimate COUNTRIES have?

The FPTB in the province of Quebec believe (and act) as if they are 
-- A COUNTRY -- 
yet they continue to receive transfer payments (our money) as if they are a province. 

Something is dreadfully wrong here ... 


It makes me so angry when I think of how Canadian tax payers in this country are being shafted and taken advantage of in THESE WAYS as the FPTB continue to assume MORE AND MORE POWER AND CONTROL.

Time to wake up and act ?


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